Our Story


Hello we are so happy to have you here!

Please view our brand video above and learn all about project full, why we do what we do, what inspires us and how our flagship product, the full meditation cushion set is used to elevate your meditation practice and celebrate mindful living.

Project Full was founded by myself and my husband, both architects who are passionate about meditation and committed to living a mindful lifestyle. Based in the Bay Area, California, our focus is on modern design, 100% organic materials, ethical production and sustainability. We believe that our products should inspire us to live our fullest life, one that is built on the foundation of self awareness, mindfulness and meditation and that the benefits from these practices should be accessible to all. 

It is very important to us that our product line is made ethically by hand in the US. We are thrilled to have an amazing Northern California manufacturer who focuses on sustainability and we use organic raw materials sourced from all across North America. You can be assured all hands that touch our products from seed to finished goods are paid fair wages and have excellent working conditions.
We truly believe in supporting marginalized groups in gaining access to mindfulness and meditation and have completed a number of community based projects including a safe space / wellness classroom for high school students and a student designed and built meditation pavilion for a local SF community garden.
We donate a portion of our profits each year to non profits who also believe in this mission such as peace in schools, black zen and one simple wish.

We are extremely thankful for your support and are excited for you to join us along the way as we grow. Our dream is to continue to provide products and spaces that inspire others to live their fullest lives. We truly believe in what we do and we hope you do too! 

The world needs more meditation.
-Kali (Founder)