Frequently Asked Questions


1. How do I use the cushion set as intended for best alignment and comfort?

Lay out the floor cushion with the handle to the back. Place the support cushion on the floor cushion so the handles are aligned at the back. Sit on the support cushion and let your hips fall slightly forward as you cross your legs in front of you on the larger part of the floor cushion. This way all parts of your body should be cushioned when you sit. 

You can also sit sieza style - kneel on the floor cushion and sit on the support cushion turned on its side placed under your bottom.

2. Can I use these cushions for yoga too?

Yes! Our cushions are versatile and multi-functional yoga props. Use them in place of hard blocks and bolsters. 


1. Can I wash the meditation cushion covers, eye pillow covers or blanket?

Yes. All our products are designed with outer, removable covers that can be machine washed on low, cold and separate or hand washed for longer lasting and vibrant colors.

The covers can then be air dried on low heat, or hung to dry. 

2. How do I remove the covers for washing and how do I put them back on?

For the floor cushion or eye pillow - you can open the cover zipper and remove the cover quite easily.

For the support cushion - we highly recommend you open the cover zipper and the liner zipper and pour out some of the buckwheat hulls (about 8 cups) into a bowl or bag. You will find it much easier to remove the exterior cover. 

To put it back on after washing and drying you should put the cover on then open the lining zipper and re add the buckwheat hulls then zip up the lining and the cover. 

3. How do I remove the wrinkles or fluff up the floor cushion after being squished in the box? 

For any wrinkles - you can use a warm iron on your cushions or a steamer. To add extra fluff to your floor cushion you can put the inner cushion in the dryer on low to med heat for about 10-15 mins. 


1. What are the differences between your fabrics?

We offer three types of fabrics.

Our 100% GOTS certified organic cotton canvas in Moonstone and Natural. These are 10oz weight and are a very sturdy canvas. They are solid in color ( dyed with eco-friendly dyes) and soften up overtime as they are washed. 

Our recycled fabrics are a 100% organic cotton and hemp blend in Rosewood, Slate Grey, Charcoal and Jade Stone. These fabrics are about 8-9 oz, are very soft to the touch initially and utilize post production materials that would otherwise go to the landfill. Scraps and overruns are sorted, shredded, then blended into new yarns and woven into these fabrics. They have a heathered effect and you'll notice many different colored specs and threads throughout.

Our limited deluxe, recycled, 100% organic cotton and hemp, heavy weight blend in Ash Grey and Ash Rose. Made in a similar way as above, these fabrics are 12oz in weight, are the heaviest/most sturdy and are soft to the touch. 

2. Where are your products made?

Our meditation cushions, eye pillows and scent packs are all made ethically by hand in Northern California. 

Our meditation blankets / shawls are hand woven in Cambodia.