Moonstone Grey meditation support cushion


100% organic weighted meditation support cushion. Used on its own, the meditation support cushion with handle is posture supporting, portable and versatile for meditation and a mindful life. The cushion can also be used for extra seating, couch cushions, or a lap top pillow and is great for children. When not in use, store it easily on a hook on the wall.

Designed and ethically made in California.

Free shipping within the USA. 


  • solid light grey canvas made from 100% organic cotton
  • filled with 6.5lbs of buckwheat hulls 
  • triangular shape is 14"w x 14"L x 6" high 
  • 6" handle made from durable (vegan) paper leather 
  • outer cover is removable and machine washable, tumble dry low
  • inner cover contains zipper to easily adjust hulls and add scent pack